Marie-Curie IOF grant for Matteo Bolomini-Vittori

Bolomini Vittori , Matteo

On September 1st 2014 Dr. Bolomini-Vittori (postdoc at the Department of Tumor Immunology) will start his Marie-Curie IOF Project at Cornell Medical College in New York City.

IOF action aims to reinforce the international dimension of the career of European researchers by giving them the opportunity to be trained and acquire new knowledge in a high-level organization active in research.

Dr. Bolomini Vittori has been awarded last February with 360K Euros for a three years founded grant to develop novel RNA-based biosensors for phospholipids to be used on primary live cell Imaging without transfection.

The project will be carried out for two years in the laboratory of Samie Jaffrey (Pharmacology Department) who is a pioneer in this chemical field, followed by a third year back at the RIMLS in the group of Dr. Alessandra Cambi (Department of Tumor Immunology), where these biosensors will be applied to study membrane lipid remodeling during leukocyte adhesion and migration.

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