Marleen Ansems received Veni award 2014

Ansems, Marleen

Marleen Ansems, Dept. of Tumor Immunology, has received a Veni grant of 250,000 euro from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). She received this prestigious grant for her remarkable and original talent and her ability to carry out innovative research. The Veni grant from the NWO's Innovational Research Incentives Scheme is one of the most prestigious grants for young researchers, and to be awarded is considered an important step in an academic career. Although the Veni researcher is at the beginning of her career, she has demonstrated to not only possess a remarkable talent in conducting academic research, but are also at the top of her scientific field internationally. 

Marleen Ansems will investigate in her Veni project how certain cells of our immune system can be primed to use them as cancer therapy.

She obtained her PhD in October of 2011 (link) on the topic "The versatile role of the nuclear receptor co-regulator DC-script in dendritic cell and cancer biology".

As RIMLS we can make the difference with this newly identified high potential who an start her own research line. Hopefully, she will also serve as role model for our current PhD's and motivate them to pursue a similar Veni track.

On behalf of all RIMLS colleagues, we wish our laureate a lot of fun and excitement performing her studie and outlined plan in the years to come. Congratulations to you!


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