MC grant and NS fellowship for Theun de Groot

Groot , Theun De

Dr. Theun de Groot from the department of Physiology, groep Osmoregulation (Prof. Peter Deen) has been awarded with a Marie Curie grant and a Niels Stensen Fellowship to conduct his research entitled: "Towards gene identification and personalized prophylactic medication for lithiopathies in lithium-using patients".

With this grant, he will implement haplotype association mapping with mice at the Jackson Laboratory in collaboration with the group of dr. Ron Korstanje (Bar Harbor, USA). Using this genetic approach, Theun aims to identify novel susceptibility genes for the development of lithium-induced nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, hypercalcaemia and chronic kidney disease. The anticipated identification of susceptibility genes in the development of these "lithiopathies" will provide the first steps towards the application of personalized prophylactic medication for lithium users. Additionally, the used integrative and functional screening assay will identify proteins of importance in different physiological processes, such as osmo- and calcium homeostasis regulation and tissue responses to stress.

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