MEERVOUD grant for Leonie Kamminga

Kamminga , Leonie 2013

Leonie Kamminga of the department of Molecular Biology has been awarded the MEERVOUD grant by NWO-ALW to study the epigenetic control of fertility.

Primordial germ cells are specified early during embryogenesis and eventually differentiate to either sperm or oocytes. These specialized cells are able to form a totipotent zygote, which has the potential to form a functional organism. Proper specification and functioning of the germ cells is essential to preserve the species. In this project Dr. Kamminga will study the processes that are involved in maintaining the identity and reproductive potential of germ cells.

MEERVOUD is the Dutch acronym for More Women Researchers as University Lecturers. The aim of this programme is to encourage the appointment of more women to assistant professorships.

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