Memory defects in a fly model of Intellectual Disability can be reversed in adulthood

Hans van Bokhoven

An international research team led by Hans van Bokhoven and Annette Schenck reports this in the January issue of PLoS Biology

The researchers further demonstrate that EHMT, mutations in which underlie Kleefstra syndrome, is an epigenetic master regulator of learning & memory that controls the majority of all currently known memory genes in Drosophila

Epigenetic Regulation of Learning and Memory by Drosophila EHMT/G9a - Jamie M. Kramer, Korinna Kochinke, Merel A. W. Oortveld, Hendrik Marks, Daniela Kramer, Eiko K. de Jong, Zoltan Asztalos, J. Timothy Westwood, Hendrik G. Stunnenberg, Marla B. Sokolowski, Krystyna Keleman, Huiqing Zhou, Hans van Bokhoven, and Annette Schenck.

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