MMD Awards for Cell Biology

MMD prizes Diede Felix Alessandra (2).jpg

Last Friday, at the MMD Studentsymposium there was a shower of prizes for the Dept of Cell Biology.

Alessandra Cambi theme Nanomedicine has been elected as MMD Lecturer of the Year by MMD students from the academic year 2015-2016.









Two MMD students have won prizes with presentations for their internships at the Dept. of Cell Biology:

Felix Tönisen (supervised by Peter Friedl and Cornelia Veelken) won the Best Poster Presentation award for his project entitled “RNAseq guided characterization reveals novel targets to overcome melanoma invasion-associated radiation resistance” 

Diede van Ens (supervised by Katarina Wolf and Lianne Beunk) won the Best Oral Presentation award for her project entitled “The requirement of actomyosin contractility in cancer cell migration through tissue tracks” 





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