NCMLS award for best thesis 2011

Wijst Jenny van der

Jenny van der Wijst has received the NCMLS award for best thesis 2011 during our new years affairs and drink.

Title: New patches in the molecular understanding of renal magnesium handling

Motivation of the jury:
She published at least one top paper (J Clin Invest) and several other very good papers (2x J Biol Chem). Her thesis reads very well and is of outstanding quality. Her cum laude doctorate is probably also based on the fact that she mastered all technologies important for her work very fast and that she needed little supervision.

Strong aspect are also her NCMLS activities (organizer of PhD retreat, committee memberships), and that she finished her PhD in 4 years. She coordinated the submission and rebuttal of her papers, which reflects the trust of the supervisors in her capacities.

Her maturation in these 4 years is also reflected by the fact that she acquired a personal - highly competitive - EMBO fellowship for her postdoctoral work.

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