NCMLS junior researcher prizes 2013

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Recently NCMLS held an internal call for four PhD project proposals. In order to give an additional impulse to young researchers, the main applicant must have had a PhD degree that she/he received after 1st. of January 2006. An independent NCMLS Jury reviewed the projects and CV's of the main applicants according to the following criteria (1) Past performance of the main applicant; (2) Preliminary results of the main applicant; (3) Plan of investigation & feasibility; and (4) Relevance for the NCMLS. The awardees are: 


Heleen ArtsHeleen Arts, Human Genetics

A genetic and functional approach to determine whether disrupted polarized exocytosis results in retina-renal ciliopathies.


Buschow, SonjaSonja Buschow, Tumour Immunology

Project: Plasmacytoid dendritic cell anti-cancer vaccination: Unraveling the molecular and cellular mechanisms that lead to clinical success.


Hoischen AlexanderAlexander Hoischen, Human Genetics

Primary Immunodeficiencies - From genetic basis to therapeutic targets.


Kramer, JamieJamie Kramer, Human Genetics

Epigenetic regulation of transcriptional plasticity in response to environmental stimuli.


The NCMLS management congratulate the awardees and wish them the best in conducting their research projects. Previous awardees of the NCMLS PhD round can be found via the ncmls website: link


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