NCMLS PhD retreat 2013

PhD retreat

On Thursday 16th and Friday 17th of May, the annual PhD retreat was organized at the Hof van Wageningen, not just for the NCMLS students, but in a boost to our institute internationalisation, together with selected students from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (Barcelona, Spain).

Bert van der Reijden, chairman of the PhD Program Committee, opened the program on Thursday with an update on the current status of the program. During the retreat, fourth-year students from the NCMLS presented their data in oral presentations, interspersed with presentations from some of the IRB students, highlighting the great diversity in the projects we work on. All other participants were able to show their work in organized poster-walks, which resulted in great discussions.

Thursday late afternoon arrived and it was time for some relaxation with a well-attended Pubquiz in café 'De Dokter' in the centre of Wageningen and dinner at the Hof van Wageningen afterwards.

Hans Clevers, president of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie voor de Wetenschappen (KNAW), was the invited key-note speaker for the evening program, which was also attended by Prof. René Bindels, Scientific Director NCMLS. Hans Clevers treated us with a fantastic presentation on stem cells in the crypts of the intestinal tract and their work on the formation of organoids to regenerate intestinal tissue, followed by a lively discussion.

After another day of scientific talks and posters on Friday, the presentations and 10 best posters were evaluated by the jury: Bert van der Reijden, Willemijn Hobo and Jeroen Middelbeek. The winner of the best presentation was Joep de Ligt, department of Human Genetics and the winner of the best poster was Jørn Havinga, department of Paediatrics. They were awarded with a personal prize of €250. Sabine Klischies was awarded with the prize for best contribution from the IRB students from Barcelona.  

Ligt De , JoepJoep de Ligt (Department of Human Genetics) winner of the best presentation at the NCMLS PhD retreat 2013.




havinga, JornJorn Havinga (Department of Paediatrics) winner of the best poster at the NCMLS PhD retreat 2013.




Klischies, SabineSabine Klischies awarded for best contribution from the IRB students from Barcelona.




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