NCMLS re-accredited by KNAW

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NCMLS graduate school has been re-accredited by the KNAW recognizing the excellence of its PhD programme. The purpose of the accreditation procedure administered by the Research School Accreditation Committee (ECOS) is to accredit research schools that run PhD programmes. In the assessment ECOS concluded that NCMLS 'functions extremely well' and that the organization and management capacity is 'very strong'. The accreditation is valid for the coming six years.

NCMLS was first accredited in1995 (under the name Institute for Cellular Signalling (ICS) and again in 2000 and 2005 (under the name NCMLS). In the framework of the NWO Graduate Program 2011, NCMLS received a prestigious subsidy of 800.000 Euros recognizing the excellence of its educational programs (MMD & PhD, August 2011).

The major scientific goal of the NCMLS is to generate basic knowledge in the molecular medical science and to translate this knowledge into clinical applications, into the development of diagnostics and into the treatment of patients through translational research programs. In line with its dedicated mission to training and educating the next generation of scientists, the NCMLS institute houses a Graduate School (GS) encompassing an NVAO-approved two-year research Masters (MSc) program, Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (MMD), and a four-year accredited PhD training program.

Come and celebrate the KNAW accreditation with us on July 5th, 17:00 - 18:00 hrs. at the Foyer, 8th floor, NCMLS Building.


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