Nelleke Spruijt visited Keystone Conference thanks to RIMLS travel grant

Spruijt, Nellke.jpg

Nelleke Spruijt received a RIMLS travel grant to visit the Keystone Conference ‘Hematopoiesis’ in Banff, Canada this year. She came back very excited and she learned a lot. “I visited this Keystone meeting to learn more about hematopoiesis, since I am still in the starting phase of my new project. I really enjoyed the conference, which covered very interesting topics for me, such as ‘chromatin and epigenetics’ and ‘genome and transcriptome editing’, of course all in the hematopoietic background.

The conference was very intense, starting early and finishing late, but it was packed with good and interesting science. Many famous PI’s in the hematopoiesis research field presented their unpublished work, which made the meeting even more special. The meeting had only 150 participants and by the end of the conference I had talked to many of them. The poster sessions had about 12 posters each, so there was plenty of time to look at them and have interesting discussions with the presenters. I did not present a poster, but I will definitely do so next time!

In addition to the meeting, the place and its surroundings were also beautiful, like is often the case for Keystone meetings. In conclusion, I really enjoyed the Keystone conference and I am grateful for receiving the RIMLS travel grant.”

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