Nobel Channels in Health & Disease

New Frontiers Jentsch

Our New Frontiers Symposium "Nobel Channels" on 14 & 15 of November was a well attented congress. In the packed Auditorium a top line of scientists presented their most recent scientific findings related to ion channels in health and disease. After each lecture a lively discussion erupted. The meeting was evaluated by the attendees and speakers as outstanding and adds to the visibility of the NCMLS. Tradiitionally, the Hans Bloemendal Medal was awarded during the symposium. Prof. Bernd Nilius received the prize from prof. Hans Bloemendal in person. New this year were the poster presentation and the award of poster prizes. Finally, a social gatherings was organized in Wijnfort Lent to celebrate and stimulate the interactions between our faculty and young scientists. Pictures of this event can be browsed here.

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