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PILOT - Entrepreneurship and Innovation for PhD-students

dr. Robert Kok, dr. Paul Ligthart

Course description
Key to both entrepreneurship and innovation is creating a new venture through the development of new products and/or services. Both practices do not only have societal benefits like economic growth and employment but become increasingly also a career path for individuals aiming at initiating a start-up enterprise (business or as freelancer (e.g. “zzp-er”) or within an existing company as an intra-preneur. Also within the “business” of scientific research, researchers are considered to be more and more focused on valorization.

The focus of this course will be on the challenges an entrepreneur faces when starting a business in a high-technology and/or high-service context. To increase the chances of success in such a context, the entrepreneur has to anticipate key decisions with respect to 1) the development of product/service innovation, its proactive marketing and 2) the development of the business/organization (e.g. strategic positioning, organizational structures, financial feasibility) to realize the added value of the innovation. The aim of this course is to apply models and concepts from strategy, marketing, finance and innovation management to substantiate key decisions of a (starting) enterprise.

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