Nico Verdonschot appointed as professor at Radboud University

Verdonschot, Nico

Prof. dr ir Nico Verdonschot has been appointed as full professor in Biomechanical diagnostics and evaluation methods in orthopedics at the Radboud university medical center. Verdonschot combines this chair with his full professorship in Biomechanical implants at the University of Twente.

Professor Nico Verdonschot's research interests are focused on orthopaedic-biomechanical problems of the lower extremity. Utilizing computer modeling techniques in combination with cadaveric testing, animal research and clinical studies his group tries to optimize diagnostic and evaluation tools for orthopaedic patients. Verdonschot works with researchers and orthopaedic companies to optimize the functionality and longevity of orthopedic implants such as knee and hip prostheses. Furthermore, he focuses on the calculation of bone strength for patients that have osteoporosis or metastatic lesions.

Verdonschot is running a large European project (see to predict functional outcome of patients requiring severely musculoskeletal surgery (due to a tumor or revision surgery).

His group is currently expanding their modeling efforts to generate patient specific models and feed these models with innovative dynamic imaging techniques.

Verdonschot got his mechanical engineering degree in 1989 at the University of Twente. Thereafter he moved to the Radboud University Medical Center where he started his PhD studies at the Orthopaedic Research laboratory led by Prof. Rik Huiskes. He got his PhD degree in 1995 and is now leading the Biomechanics group. He also has a position at the University of Twente where he is doing research mostly focusing on musculoskeletal modeling.

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