Nutricia Research Foundation grant for Dr. Sandra de Keijzer

Keizer de, Sandra

Dr. Sandra de Keijzer from the Department of Tumor Immunology has been awarded a 2 year research grant from the Nutricia Research Foundation for her project ''Effects of PUFAs on dendritic cells immunobiology''.

During the past few years, evidence emerged that lipids modulate membrane organization and receptor function, a crucial determinant for signal transduction and immune cell function. Omega-3 or n-3 poly-unsaturated FAs (n-3 PUFA), abundant in oily fish and fish oils, but normally consumed at very low levels, are associated with beneficial effects on human health in general and on the immune system in particular. The proposed research investigates the extent to which cell signaling in immune cells is modulated by dietary supplementation with n-3 PUFA. The project will be carried out within the group of Alessandra Cambi by exposing antigen-presenting cells (dendritic cells and monocyte-macrophages) in vitro to PUFA, and typical cellular functions such as pathogen recognition and uptake, adhesion and migration, antigen-presentation capacity, proliferation and cytokine production will be subsequently monitored.

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