NutsOhra grant for Paul Geutjes

Geutjes Paul
Paul Geutjes (Dept. of Urology, section Experimental Urology) receives a personal grant (€ 180,000) from the NutsOhra foundation, to elaborate his work on urinary diversion using Regenerative Medicine approaches.

In close collaboration with the Dept. of Biochemistry (section Matrix Biochemistry, Toin van Kuppevelt) he will further develop a collagen-polymer based tubular construct, and evaluate its applicability for urinary diversion purposes.

When the bladder is removed (because of severe congenital defects or cancer), gastrointestinal (GI) tissue is often used to divert urine out of the body. However, complication rates are rather high and improvements are needed. Regenerative Medicine may generate alternatives on the use of GI tissue in urological surgery.

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