NWO instrument grant for Roland Brock and Peter Friedl

Brock, Roland
Friedl, Peter
Roland Brock and Peter Friedl, together with a group of researchers from the NCMLS and Paul Wiseman,  McGill  University Montreal Canada, received a 448000 Euro instrument grant (NWO middelgroot) for a new state-of-the-art confocal microscope.

The project "Molecules  in motion - microscopy-based quantification of reaction-diffusion systems in immunity, cancer, metabolism and drug delivery" will address molecular dynamics and molecular interactions at high temporal and spatial resolution. A detailed understanding of molecular reactions is a prerequisite for the development of new therapies for metastatic cancers, immunotherapies and drug delivery strategies.  NCMLS groups from both, the Medical Centre and the Faculty of Science participate in this interfaculty project.

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