NWO MEERVOUD Grant for Annemiek van Spriel

Spriel , Annemiek Van 2

Annemiek van Spriel (Dept. Tumor Immunology) has been awarded a NWO MEERVOUD Grant (232,000 euro) for her work on tetraspanin proteins in the immune system.

The NWO MEERVOUD Grant ('More women researchers as university lecturer') allows talented female postdoctoral researchers to acquire a permanent position as university lecturer.Annemiek will use the Grant to investigate tetraspanins CD37 and CD53 in the plasma membrane of antigen-presenting cells. Tetraspanins have the unique capacity to interact with key molecules of the immune system, including proteins important for antigen presentation, cell adhesion and signalling. However, the molecular mechanisms by which tetraspanins regulate antigen-presenting cell function have not been identified. These studies are aimed to get better insight into tetraspanin function and signalling in antigen-presenting cells during anti-tumor responses.

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