NWO-ZONMw TOP program Grant

Wieringa, Be

A 675.000€ NWO-ZONMw TOP program Grant has been awarded to Bé Wieringa (photo up) and Rick Wansink  (photo below, co-applicant) for their proposal entitled "Myotonic dystrophy: Disease of imbalance in proteostasis and cell stasis?" 

Myotonic dystrophy (DM1) - a frequent inheritable neuromuscular disorder with progressive degenerative character - is caused by expansion of a (CTG)n repeat in the non-coding part of the DMPK gene, associated with general abnormalities in RNA processing. The program (48 months) aims to generate support for the idea that the gradual decline in health and function in DM1 is effectively due to a global protein dyshomeostasis in muscle and neural tissues, with similarity to ageing-related effects. Intervention in proteostasis may provide new opportunities for therapy of DM1 and other neurodegenerative disorders as well.

Rick Wansink


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