On being a scientist, film by Bas Haring


Scientists are regularly confronted with questions of integrity. A new film teaches students how to handle this issue. This fictional film aims to raise students' awareness of academic integrity, an issue that is by no means always clearly understood. Scientists are regularly suspected of committing plagiarism or fraud,  because they misrepresent research findings, for example. 

Food for discussion. 
In the film, the main characters come up against these kinds of dilemmas. When a group of researchers makes an important scientific discovery, all the scientists want to claim the glory: the PhD candidate who has done the spadework as well as the eminent professor who heads the group. It's a difficult situation to handle. The film doesn't give any ready-made solutions, but it does provide food for discussion. Making dilemmas more palpable. According to Bas Haring, professor and project leader for the film, this was precisely the intention. He will use the film On being a scientist in the series of lectures of the same name that he is giving with Frans van Lunteren. ‘You can talk about integrity by discussing the written rules, but with film - and in particular fiction - you can make the dilemma's more palpable. That adds weight to the discussion.' 





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