Oncology Science Day "Synergy in Cancer research"


On the 12th November 2014 the 4th edition of the Oncology Science Day "Synergy in Cancer research" was organized.

All five research themes with the oncologic topic were represented. The more than 80 participating scientists from different departments and 40 students of the Cancer Research block of Biomedical Sciences were welcomed by the dean Prof. Paul Smits.

The Keynote lectures were given by Prof. Viggo van Tendelloo, University of  Antwerp, Belgium; and Prof. Judith Prins, Radboudumc; both covered broad  topics interesting for all cancer researchers. During the brakes the PhD  students and postdocs presented their research in laptop presentations.

The award for best laptop presentation went to Robert Weren (Dept. of Human  Genetics), the second place was for Junxiao Zhang (Dept. of Human Genetics),  and the third place was shared by Mieke Roeven (Dept. Laboratory of Laboratory  Medicine) and Rene Marke (Dept. Laboratory of Pediatric Oncology).


Oncology Science Day


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