Party at landmark Wijnfort

Wijnfort Lent

The first day closed with a great party at Landmark Wijnfort Lent with a live jazz band "De Compaenen".







Landmark Wijnfort Lent:


In the mid 19th century, the fortress town of Nijmegen wanted to strengthen its position. As fort Knodsenburg in Lent could not fulfill any role of significance three new defensive works around the village of Lent were planned two of which were realised: fortress Boven-Lent, also called Sprokkelenburg, and fortress Beneden-Lent, or Nieuw-Knodsenburg. The first was built in 1862, the second a year after. Although most of the fortresses were dismantled after the abolition of fortress Nijmegen in 1874, both fortresses in Lent were preserved. During World War II in September 1944 the German used these to open fire on the Americans on both banks of the Waal. The Americans finally won, but lost 200 men. Fort Sprokkelenburg is a real "LANDMARK" situated at the north shore of the Waal by Nijmegen. The Fort, also known as Fort Above Lent, was part of the line of defense for the city of Nijmegen back in 1870. Nowadays it is in the limelight as a unique location for intimate or big parties in the Netherlands.

De Compaenen:

Wijnfort1These three (often four)-mans band is playing for several years at the Dutch stages with their musical mix of Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Jump & Jive and Latin.

Equipped with instruments like bass, guitar, drums and usually with sax this band proves that real music is timeless. Add the truly beautiful polyphonic vocals sung by three (or four) charismatic members of the band and the party is complete.


See the photos of  the party at Landmark Wijnfort here.

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