Pedro San-Cristobal obtained a Veni fellowship from ZonMW

San-Christobal Pedro
We proudly announce that dr. Pedro San-Cristobal obtained a VENI fellowship from the Nederlands organization for health research and development ZonMW.

This is an excellent achievement since of the 164 submitted grant proposals only 18 were awarded. Pedro will investigate in the coming years the regulation of the renal thiazide-sensitive sodiumchloride cotransporter NCC and its variants in relation to the development of hypertension. It concerns a collaborative effort of the departments of Physiology (Drs. Bindels and Hoenderop) and Internal Medicine (Drs. Lenders and Deinum).

This prestigious VENI award adds to several impressive accomplishments of this young doctor. He previously obtained his PhD cum laude at our university, received a prestigious award of the Dutch Society of Nephrology and obtained a personal stipend from the European Society of Hypertension.

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