PhD and Postdoctoral courses

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During doctoral training and thereafter, young researchers should be trained in discipline- and project-specific research skills (e.g. research methods and techniques) as well as transferable skills such as communication (e.g. writing, presentation, PR), career development (e.g. networking, CV writing, interview training, time-management), leadership & management (e.g. giving & receiving feedback, entrepreneurship, project management), responsible conduct of science (e.g. animal handling, integrity & scientific ethics, how to maintain a lab-book, data storage, authorship).

These skills and competencies stand researchers in good stead for their academic career ahead and for the professional job market beyond the university setting. In order to promote the visibility of these types of courses on offer within the Radboud University and UMC, we have bundled the information together on our new website dedicated to courses for young researchers.

The new site can be found here: link

In the coming months we will work on improving the completeness, accuracy and professional presentation of the information, as well as looking into new ideas for courses that are lacking. We welcome your input. Feel free to send input about PhD courses to Adrian Cohen ( and Postdoc courses to Dagmar Eleveld (


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