PhD bonus to be re-introduced

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The NCMLS Graduate School strives for excellence in research and education, as highlighted by the recent accreditation of the NCMLS by the KNAW Research School Accreditation Committee (ECOS, It is important, therefore, that NCMLS PhD policies in force serve to stimulate top research and at the same time encourage PhD students to complete their projects within the defined project period, often 4 years.

Existing rule (as of February 2013)

For PhD students who started their project before 1st August 2009 and graduate before 1st February 2014, a bonus of 500 Euros will be applied subject to fulfilling the criteria of the NCMLS PhD program. For clarity, from the 1st February 2014 this rule will cease.

Additional rule (effective immediately)

Since we feel that completing your thesis within the 4 years, the usual contract period, is an important factor, we are introducing a new PhD bonus effective immediately. For PhD students who fulfill the following criteria a bonus of 500 Euros will be paid.

1)      PhD student must be enrolled in the NCMLS PhD programme from the start-date of his/her PhD research period*.

2)      PhD student must obtain 30 EC points during the PhD training period and must have a full set of completed and signed Training & Supervision Plan forms.

3)      The PhD graduation date must be within 4.5 years** of the start-date of the research period. Extensions are only granted at the discretion of the Director. Requests for extensions should be submitted per email to

4)      The thesis must include a portfolio of the courses attended. The portfolio must contain the logo of NCMLS. A template will be provided as soon as possible.  

5)      PhD thesis must be submitted to the Radboud Repository.

6)      The graduation must take place in the Radboud University Nijmegen

The final conditions will be announced in the NCMLS Affairs meeting in August. Queries may be addressed to Margret Achour. Based on the queries received, we will clarify the above text that will be published on our website early September.

 *For NCMLS PhD students, the start of research period is taken to be the start-date of the PhD work contract. If an alternative start-date is to be used, this should be clearly stated in the Training & Supervision Plan.

** This is the standard 4 year contract plus 6 months for approval of manuscript committee and setting date of graduation.

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