PhD Retreat 2012

PhD Retreat 2012

The annual NCMLS PhD Retreat was held at Hof van Wageningen, Wageningen on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th of April. This 18th edition of the retreat was a great success with over 125 PhD students participating.

Traditionally, all the final year PhD students give an oral presentation in which they can share part of their research results from the preceding four years with fellow colleagues. Distributed over seven sessions there were in total 30 oral presentations; it has to be said that all the presentations were of high quality and very enjoyable. All other PhD students presented their work in the form of a poster during poster walks on both days. This ensured an active role of every participant and lead to many good discussions.

A pub quiz in Wageningen City centre was arranged as the main social event giving a nice opportunity to meet fellow PhD students in an informal way. With good questions and surprising answers it was a amusing and light-hearted event at the end of a busy day of science. Professor René ten Bos was the keynote speaker of the retreat. As a philosopher of organizational theory from the Radboud University he gave an interesting perspective on how to become an animal, and in general how different humans really are from other animals.

During the closing session, the best oral presentation, poster presentation and debater were awarded. The jury consisted of Bert van der Reijden, Frank van Leeuwen and Barbara Schulte and they had a difficult task electing the winners. Best debater was Robin van der Lee from CMBI, best poster award was given to Bonnie Nijhof from the department of Human Genetics and the best oral presenter was Joël van Mierlo from the department of Medical Biology.

The 18th NCMLS PhD retreat was highly rated by its participants and the organization is looking forward to the PhD retreat in 2013.

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