Pioneer ‘Lab-on-a-Chip’ joins New Frontiers line-up

Ingber, Don

Prof. Donald Ingber, Harvard Massachusetts, USA has accepted our invitation to participate in New Frontiers symposium 2013: Synthetic Life. Donald Ingber joins an impressive line-up including Roger Tsien, Nobel prize laureate 2008.  

Prof. Donald Ingber is Founding Director of the Wyss Institute and a leader in the emerging field of biologically inspired engineering. He oversees a multifaceted effort to identify the mechanisms that living organisms use to self assemble and to apply these design principles to develop advanced materials and devices. His most recent innovation is a technology for building tiny, complex, three-dimensional models of human organs. These "organs on chips" mimic complicated human functions, providing critical information for diagnostic and therapeutic applications more reliably and at a fraction of the cost and resources associated with traditional drug-testing methods. Don has made major contributions to cell and tissue engineering, angiogenesis and cancer research, systems biology, and nanobiotechnology.

Keywords: biomimetic systems, organ-on-a-chip, clinical diagnostics, nanoscale medical devices, engineered tissues, biologically-inspired materials, tissue repair and reconstruction

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