Postdoc retreat: How to sell yourself?

Postdoc retreat Bas Bloem.jpg

On Tuesday February 7, the Radboudumc Postdoc Initiative committee hosted the retreat on “How to sell yourself?”

The program started with the keynote lecture by Prof. Bas Bloem from the Dept. of Neurology, Radboudumc. He emphasized on the importance of having a main goal or dream that will guide our career. He also suggested to look up to role models, surround ourselves by successful people, and most importantly to be passionate about our work.

The second keynote lecture was given by Prof. Maroeska Rovers from the Dept. for Health Evidence, Radboudumc. She talked about the importance of reaching out to the media via press releases. She encouraged the audience to establish networks with other scientist early in our careers. Finally, she advised that when sending grant applications it is important to plan well ahead in time and when replying to reviewers comments to keep a positive language.

In the afternoon Jantien Koenders, actress, director, and theatre teacher from, led an interactive workshop on how to bring theater skills into our presentation style. Strategies like using pauses, or enthusiastic, serious, concerned intonations will help you catch the audience’s attention. We practiced this together and Jantien gave us very valuable personal feedback.

The event was concluded with drinks and fruitful conversations between the participants. 

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