Poster Award for Tom Nieskens

Nieskens, Tom

At the annual congress of the Dutch Society of Toxicology (NVT), Tom Nieskens was awarded with the MSc Poster Award. The PhD/MSc student day of the NVT was organized for all PhD and MSc students working in the field of toxicology.  

Tom is master student of Molecular Life Sciences and performed his intership at the department of Pharmacology and Toxicology under supervision of Dr. Martijn Wilmer and Dr. Roos Masereeuw. He focused on cisplatin induced toxicity in a human renal cell line, ciPTEC. Cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity is a serious adverse effect of this compound in the treatment against solid tumors. Tom showed the suitability of ciPTEC as a model for nephrotoxicity by evaluating cisplatin induced cytotoxicity through assessment of various biomarkers. Moreover, he discovered a novel protective mechanism in the renal cell line. Due to Toms work, we gain more insight in the cellular mechanisms and can possibly improve the effective treatment using cisplatin.

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