Presentation awards for Miriam Butler and Kirsten Vrenken

SIOP awards.jpg (1)

This year’s annual meeting of SIOP, the international society for pediatric oncology, was held in Washington, DC. During this meeting, PhD candidates Miriam Butler and Kirsten Vrenken from the Laboratory of Pediatric Oncology, theme Cancer development and immune defense, both won a presentation award.






undefinedKirsten Vrenkens poster about the role of EMT in therapy response in neuroblastoma was selected for the ‘best poster and discussion’ session and her presentation was awarded with the 1st place.




undefinedMiriam Butlers abstract was elected as one of the 6 top abstracts from the conference. She was therefore invited to present her work on a CRISPR screen to select novel candidate drugs that may revert therapy resistance in acute lymphoblastic leukemia during the plenary session and was awarded with a young investigator award.

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