Prestigious Google SOC grant for Robin Kohze and Samuel Schmidt

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Robin Kohze and Samuel Schmidt, Dept. of Biochemistry, theme Nanomedicine have been awarded the Google Summer of Code Grant to develop a novel Firebase API package for R named FireData in a project entitled "Connecting R to Google Firebase“. 

One of the main reasons for the recent increase of R’s popularity is the fast, efficient and intuitive way to work with datasets. The aim is to connect its strength in data analysis with the actual data. By making it easier to directly connect R to the inputs of IoT devices or other applications such as websites/shiny, it will open new possibilities for open source developers around the world. Firebase offers the right features to enable those possibilities.

The final product of this project, the FireData package, will connect the two great environments. R users will have a new stable & intuitive database option allowing the development of uncountable projects.

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Samuel Schmidt                                        Robin Kohze

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