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In April 2014 the university's 'Steering Committee Research Data Management (RDM)' approved the project plan of the Donders Institute RDM pilot. See elsewhere in the RDM journal. The Donders pilot focuses on large scale datasets and the realization of storage for these datasets.

Possibilities of up scaling this pilot to other research groups in the university are limited for researchers with relatively small datasets. Therefore the Steering Committee decided in May 2014 on a second project:Research Data Services.

This project is aimed at individual researchers of nearly all disciplines who want to store and manage their data. This project will develop a storage service (offering both storage facilities, on premise or elsewhere, and the necessary support to use these) for researchers. We hope to realise this by the end of 2014. 

The approach of the project is:

  • to develop a computer aided service (interface) which is independent of where data are stored (Eudat, DANS, 3TU, Radboud University) and independent of and adaptable to disciplinary collaboration (CLARIN etc.);
  • to collaborate and coordinate as much as possible with national and international organizations on data management and -storage (meta data).
  • to use research information systems, such as Metis, in order to have one system for uploading, storage and
    managing research data and publications, and to limit overhead for researchers;
  • 'input once and reuse' and 'manage once, service many', i.e. data that are already stored elsewhere don't have to be stored again and stored data are usable for more purposes;
  • to start with a limited set of metadata (data about data), usable in the whole of
    the university, with the possibility of extension later. 

The ultimate goal is to create a computer aided service  that the researcher can use in all stages of the data life cycle: creating, processing, analysing, preserving, giving access and re-using.

Project leader: Ed Simons (dep. Concern Information Management). The Expertise Centre Research Data of the University Library (Mijke Jetten) will take part in the project, as well as the RDM information architect, Caspar Terheggen.

A number of professors from various faculties will function as sounding board to keep us on track.

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