Public Evening: Personalised Kidney

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Grow your own custom-made kidney - Science fiction of science fact?

On Wednesday 15th October, Astrid Joosten presented a RIMLS public evening asking the question: how far are we from a custom-made personalised kidney? Currently, we can't repair kidney damage, but what about the future? In an event, organised together with the Dutch Kidney Foundation, scientists, clinicians and other stakeholders discussed state-of-the-art research into developing a biological artificial kidney, ethical dilemma's, and their expectations for the future. The evening, attended by more than 200 members of the public, formed a fantastic opening event for the two-day New Frontiers symposium focussing on regenerative medicine.

Nier Op Maat -4The Netherlands has about 1 million people with chronic kidney disease. In more than 60,000 cases, the kidneys don't work well or even at all. From the 6,500 patients who must purify their blood through dialysis, more than a thousand will die each year. One possible treatment is kidney transplantation. However, at the end of 2013, 735 people in the Netherlands were on the waiting list for a kidney. Almost a thousand people did receive a kidney transplant; more than half of the kidneys came from a living donor.

Kidney damage is currently irreversible and the risk of further kidney deterioration is large. Kidney failure is a reastic consequence. But suppose that recovery is possible? That would be a huge breakthrough. Regenerative medicine is the science which investigates how we can take advantage of the natural ability of the body to repair damaged tissues. Stem cells play a major role in this.

Nier Op Maat -5Presenter Astrid Joosten hosted members of the public in an entire evening dedicated to the frontiers of the kidney research. Where are the limits and can those can be extended further? In addition to the scientific presentations, the public could view demonstrations in a virtual lab. The public evening concluded with an interactive panel discussion in which Hans Bart, Director of the Netherlands Kidney Patients Association, participated. Hans Bart is one of the aforementioned living kidney donors.



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During the break there was a virtual kidney laboratory in the lobby of the Auditorium.





After the welcome speech from Tom Van Oostrom General Manager Kidney Foundation there was a presentation about biological artificial kidney research in Nijmegen by Dr. Roos Masereeuw Followed by a presenatation about kidney tailored for each patient by Prof. Dr. Ton Rabelink, LUMC.

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During the interactive panel discussion with Luuk Hilbrands (nephrologist), Roos Masereeuw (researcher), Evert van Leeuwen (ethics), Hans Bart (kidney patients Association), Ton Rabelink, (nephrologist) there was a lively discussion, led by Astrid Joosten.



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