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Radboud Frontiers in Cilia Medicine

Primary cilia are highly conserved sensory organelles that extend from the surface of almost all vertebrate cells. Primary cilia have critical roles in sensing the extracellular environment, and in numerous developmental signalling pathways. Disruption of these functions underlies a diverse spectrum of (genetic) disorders, known as primary ciliopathies. Known ciliopathies include primary ciliary dyskinesia, Bardet-Biedl syndrome, polycystic kidney and liver disease, nephronophthisis, and some forms of retinal degeneration. True to our Frontiers symposia, a top line-up of speakers who will provide high-quality presentations on current achievements and challenges ahead.
Date: November 30th and December 1st 2015


The deadline for the Early Bird Registration is Tuesday 1st of September 2015.


The registration is open, so register now!



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