Start Radboud Research Rounds


Get in touch with the latest research developments at the Radboudumc. The weekly Radboud Research Rounds focus on the ambitions of the newly formed research themes, and illustrate how personalized healthcare is being embodied in the research strategy. Moreover, the themes will illustrate how personalised healthcare is being embodied in the research strategy. In a new presentation format, investigators provide insight into the strengths of each research theme, with room for interactive discussions to increase focus and synergy.

Afterwards, discussions will continue in an informal setting with light refreshments in the Radboud Research Café. A unique venue to interact with investigators working in different fields across the spectrum from molecule to man to population.

The Radboud Research Rounds are open to everyone and form an excellent opportunity to become deeply involved in your own research theme and to widen your scope with exposure to other themes.

The Radboud Research Rounds are organised by the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences, Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences and the Donders Centre for Neurosciences.

On April 3rd, the first Radboud Research Round took place with a focus on the theme Urological Cancers. On April 10th the Radboud Research Round will be organized by the theme Renal disorders.

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