Radboud Science Award for genetic researchers

Bokhoven Science Award V1

Prof. Hans van Bokhoven and Dr. Arjan de Brouwer, department of Human Genetics, received the Radboud Science Award 2013. The award has been created by "het Wetenschapsknooppunt" Radboud University to allow researchers to translate their research into learning and teaching materials suitable for primary school pupils.

During the Winter School on 29th January 2014, Hans van Bokhoven and Arjan de Brouwer will give a presentation of their research and demonstrate their teaching materials. Hans van Bokhoven and Arjan Brouwer investigate the genetic defects that lead to learning disabilities. In their school project, the researchers want the children to become familiar with the different steps in the development and operation of the brains: what is intelligence, what do brains consist of and what's different in the brains of people with intellectual disabilities?

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