Radboud Science Award for Teun Bousema

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Teun Bousema (Medical Microbiology) has been awarded the Radboud Science Award 2016. The award has been created by "het Wetenschapsknooppunt" Radboud University to allow researchers to translate their research into learning and teaching materials suitable for primary school pupils.

Other 2016 winners are art history professor Jos Koldeweij and neuroscientist Christian Doeller. The awardees received the award for the quality of their scientific research. In the coming year, the winners will be given the opportunity to translate their research into teaching materials for primary education.

Malaria research
Teun Bousema and his team are studying malaria. The disease is caused by a deadly parasite that can be transmitted by mosquitoes. An important question is: can mosquitoes also be infected by people who did not develop malaria? This is known as ‘silent malaria’. Their research shows that healthy people can carry the parasite in their blood and are able to infect mosquitoes. Contrary to what was formerly thought, the researchers discovered that malaria is transmitted by people with ‘silent malaria’ much more frequently than by malaria patients.

Scientific breakthroughs in the classroom
This academic year, the winning researchers will work together with their research group, teachers, teachers in training, and the Science Education Hub Radboud University to translate their research to be used primary education. The project is called Scientific breakthroughs in the classroom, and its goal is to stimulate an investigative attitude in children and teachers and get them excited about science. After a year of intensive collaboration, the results will be compiled into a book as part of the Scientific breakthroughs in the classroom book series.

Award ceremony
The Radboud Science Awards ceremony will be held in the Huygens building on the Radboud University campus on Thursday 22 September 2016, from 09:30-11:30 a.m. Everyone is welcome to attend. The awards will be issued by Prof. Han van Krieken, Rector Magnificus at Radboud University. You can reserve your spot here.

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