Radboud Science Awards 2014

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Anneke den Hollander en Carel Hoyng, both from the Dept. of Ophthalmology, have been awarded the Radboud Science Awards 2014. The award has been created by "het Wetenschapsknooppunt" Radboud University to allow researchers to translate their research into learning and teaching materials suitable for primary school pupils.

Anneke den Hollander and Carel Hoyng will receive this prestigious award because of the scientific and societal impact of their research into the molecular causes of multifactorial age-related eye diseases and inherited blindness. It is hoped that people from families with these conditions in the near future could get tested for known hereditary risk factors. People with these risk factors can reduce the risk of onset of eye disease by up to 30% by changing lifestyle and nutritional habits. Furthermore, research has  identified 12 retinal dystrophy genes and has identified the majority of the genetic causes of congenital blindness opening up new avenues for the development of treatments.

The Radboud Science Awards will be presented by Bas Kortmann, rector magnificus of the Radboud University, on 24 september. In addition to Anneke den Hollander and Carel Hoyng, brain researcher Ivan Toni en Dutch language and culture researcher Lotte Jensen also won the Radboud Science Awards.

For more information see: link (Dutch).

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