Radboud Science Days: Impression and laptop awards

Science days

On  January 18 and 19 the 2nd edition of Radboud Science Days was organized.

"Interactions in Oncology" was the main topic of the first day, organized by all five research themes with an oncologic topic. The inspiring lectures covered topics of interaction of the tumor with the microbiome, with the immune system and tumor targeting, and were interesting for all cancer researchers. The day was closed by the keynote lecture of Prof. Ton Schumacher (NKI/LUMC) and with an inspiring College Tour.

Explore the Horizon” was the topic of the second day organized by the themes: Nanomedicine, Vascular Damage, Reconstructive & regenerative medicine, Renal disorders and Mitochondrial diseases. The keynote lectures from molecule - to man - to population in three sessions Biodelivery, Model Systems and Translation to the individual patients were given by Prof. Patricia Dankers (TU Eindhoven), Prof. Ton Rabelink (LUMC) and Prof. Frits Rosendaal (LUMC), respectively. The final inspiring lecture was given by well known speed skating coach Gerard Kemkers on “How to build and support a successful team”.  

The more than 80 participating scientists each day from different departments and Radboud Honours program students were welcomed by the dean Prof. Paul Smits. During the breaks PhD candidates and postdocs presented their research via laptop presentations.

On both days, the best laptop presentations were awarded:

On January 18, “Interactions in Oncology”,  the first place went to Janneke Hoogstad-van Evert, the second place was for Lotte Mousset, and the third place was for Lotte de Winde. Congratulations!


On January 19, “Explore the Horizon” the first place went to Ramon Sonneveld, the second place was for Christiaan Mooi, and the third place was for Mohammed Alsady. Congratulations!


An impression of both days can be found here: January 18 & January 19, 2016

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