Radboudumc Master Prizes 2017

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Recently the Radboudumc Master Prizes of the academic year 2015-2016 have been granted to students with the best research theses.

The prizes have been introduced to reward students for exceptionally good research. Thirty assignments were reviewed by a committee (chairman: Prof. Joost Drenth). The winning students receive a certificate and € 350.

Congratulations to you all. 



Prizes and winners are:

Lisa van der Vorm has been awarded with the Radboudumc Master prize Biomedical Sciences for her thesis entitled: "Functional studies of heme metabolism: the roles of the mitochondrial unfoldase CLPX and the protoporphyrin IX transporter TMEM14". She is also awarded with the University Wide Study Award. This prize is awarded to the student who wrote the best internship thesis within all the Radboudumc fields of study, for the academic year 2015-2016. The prize consists of a certificate and € 1000. The prize will be awarded during the academic session at the opening of the academic year. 

Jonathan van der Sande has been awarded with the Radboudumc Master prize Medicine for his thesis entitled: “Diseases in undocumented and documented migrants in general practices in the Netherlands".  

Natalia González Mancha has been awarded with the Radboudumc Master prize Molecular Mechanisms of Disease for her thesis entitled: "Snare complex formation in dendritic cells by fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy".  

Rebecca Kirana has been awarded with the Radboudumc Master prize Dentistry entitled: "The in vitro release of fluvastatin from an alkali treated and gelatin coated titanium surface". 

From l to r: Joost Drenth, Rebecca Kirana, Lisa van der Vorm, Jonathan van der
Sande and Paul Smits (dean). Not on the picture Natalia González Mancha. 



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