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About and aims
The workshop ‘how to sell your science’ aims to show you that the results of your work deserve a broad audience, how you can reach a layman’s audience.  A simple explanation very often isn’t simple at all. Not everyone comprehends your work. Furthermore, in this workshop you will learn how to make a good pitch of your work. You will also be given some hints on approaching the media.

Organisation of the workshop:
This workshop of 4 hours is organized twice a year.  In the first part you will receive the general information on presenting your work to the broader audience.  In the second part you will be practising the pitch of your research.  

This workshop is open for all PhD candidates of Radboudumc (DCN/RIHS/RIMLS). 
Please register to send an email to The maximum of the available places is 24. The workshop will be cancelled and postponed to the next date by less than 50% of registered attendees. The workshop is free of charge. 

November 10, 13:00 - 17:00 h

Huize Heyendael, Marijnenkamer

Flyer of the upcoming date

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