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Qualitative research is a useful tool to describe and investigate phenomena in healthcare. Qualitative research methods are often used to investigate people’s experiences or (inter)actions, topics about which little is known, or the context in which an event occurs. The goal is to provide as complete as possible a picture of reality. Nowadays, qualitative and quantitative research know where to find one another. For example, quantitative research is often used for the development of a questionnaire, to better understand survey outcomes and to better understand the implementation of interventions that may have contributed to effects found in an experimental study. The methodological requirements for conducting and reporting qualitative research require specific expertise and skills.


The interactive introduction course will be a mix of theory and practice. There will be ample attention for problems and questions related to current research of students.


1.General introduction (specific focus on quality assurance and research questions)
2.Methods of data collection in qualitative research (with interview training)
3.Qualitative data analysis and use of software programme (Atlas.ti)
4.Reporting and publishing qualitative research findings

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Date and Location 3 and 8 May 2017 Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center
Cost € 620, -
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Main language Dutch 
Coordination Gijs Hesselink,PhD:
Information and registration Alice van Eijk:

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