Reinout van Crevel appointed professor of Global Health and Infectious Diseases


Reinout van Crevel  (Internal medicine) has been appointed Professor of Global Health and Infectious Diseases at the Radboud university medical center with effect from 1 November 2016.

Radboudumc wants to convey knowledge to contribute to treatment and international efforts to combat poverty-related infectious diseases, with particular focus on HIV and tuberculosis. Infectiologist Reinout van Crevel has strong clinical expertise and research experience in this field. Van Crevel conducts a large international study on combined tuberculosis and diabetes in eight countries. He also works on tuberculous meningitis and other brain infections, often in HIV-patients. For this work in Jakarta he will get a part-time position at Oxford University.

Van Crevel will further strengthen research and international collaboration in the field of Global Health and Infectious Diseases.


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