Report of successful Open Day organized by RIHS

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See, feel and hear how exciting the world is at the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences!

On Saturday 7 October RIHS organized an Open Day in the Weekend of Science (“Weekend van de Wetenschap”), hosted by Diederik Jekel, science journalist and presenter. About 2000 visitors became a health scientist for one day and discovered how special healthcare research is.


A complete report of the Open Day is available here (in Dutch)
Photo impression

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Winners online Science quiz VWO students during Open Day RIHS

1st prize Lize Dekkers (left photo), Dominicus college 5 VWO, 2 event tickets ad € 75,­ + 2 weekend vouchers InScience festival

2nd prize Renske Janssen, Dominicus college 5 VWO, 2 event tickets ad € 50,­ + 2 weekend vouchers InScience festival

3rd prize Lisanne Pouwel, Elzendaal College 5 VWO, 2 event tickets ad € 25,­ + 2 weekend vouchers InScience festival

Winners Science Quest  Primary school kids

1st prize Joline Hurenkamp - primary school het Talent (4 tickets Efteling) (right photo)

2nd prize Tim Papenhoven - primary school de Oversteek (4 tickets NEMO)

3rd prize Jelle Bousema - primary school de Hazensprong (4 tickets NEMO)

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