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Deadline for submission: 30th March 2015

The Radboud Honours Programme Medical Sciences (RHPMS) for Bachelor students in their second and third year is organized in two parts: (1) introduction course organized by the 19 Radboudumc research themes; (2) individual research project whereby each student is coupled to a Principal Investigator group. For this second part we require your input.

The research project starts with a two week summer internship (summer 2015). This is followed by an internship at the department for about 8-10 hours per week from September 2015 until March/April 2016, in preparation of their own research abroad of at least three months (680 hours, March/April - August 2016). The total budget is 10.000 euro per student. The student him-/or herself has a travel budget of 1.000 euro.

In the attachment you can find the Application form for the research project. In addition, the description of the program is included making it easier to inform foreign partners about RHPMS. Please, keep in mind that the project description should be both easy to understand and catchy, since the target group is 2nd year bachelor students. We recommend to make a link to the clinic as well. 

The main applicant should be a Radboudumc (Junior) Principal Investigator. However, the daily supervisor could be a another researcher in the (Junior) Principal Investigator group. Each (Junior) Principal Investigator may only submit one application.

Deadline for submission is March 30th 2015. Please e-mail your research projects to the coordinator of the Honours Programme Medical Sciences Mrs Annelies Ruijs (

More information: link

Application form: link



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