Research grant Olde Hartman

OldeHartman, Tim

Tim olde Hartman, general practitioner and PhD at the department of primary and community care recently received a research grant of 250.000 Euro from ZonMW.

Building a new intervention

Patients with medically unexplained symptoms (MUS) are often not satisfied with the care they receive from general practitioners (GPs) and medical specialists. Most medical doctors experience patients with MUS as 'heartsink' patients. An effective treatment which is applicable in daily primary care and acceptable for patients with MUS is lacking yet. This research  project aims at developing such an intervention. The doctor-patient communication and relationship will be at the core of this intervention as these elements showed to have significant impact on healthcare outcomes.

Videotaping and feedback of doctor-patient consultations

During the research project consultations with patients with MUS in primary care will be videotaped. Patients as well as GPs will be asked to give feedback on the communication while watching the video consultations. This feedback, together with the results of a focus group study with experts in healthcare communication, will be used to build an acceptable and applicable communication intervention for GPs.

By using simulated patients (actors) GPs will be trained in this new intervention in order to test the effectiveness of this new MUS intervention in primary care.

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