RIHS and RIMLS researchers involved in new ENDO-ERN


Radboudumc is one of partners in the new European Reference Networks ERN rare endocrine conditions (ENDO-ERN). This Network involves 71 Health care Providers (HCP) from 19 European Member States and is part of the European Health care innovation program for Rare diseases.

Endo-ERN has estab­lished eight main the­matic groups covering the full spectrum of congenital and acquired conditions. These are: adrenal disorders; disor­ders of calcium and phosphate homeostasis; disorders of sex development and matura­tion; genetic disorders of glucose and insu­lin homeostasis; genetic endocrine tumour syndromes; disorders of growth and genetic obesity syndromes; pituitary disorders; and thyroid disorders.

The ERN builds on the work of several exist­ing European networks, including those established through the European Society of Endocrinology (ESE) and European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology (ESPE), and those developed through COST Actions. Endo-ERN aims to deliver improved diagnos­tic trajectories, treatment, quality of care and measurable outcome for patients with rare endocrine conditions by facilitating multidis­ciplinary and cross-border collaboration and education and by listening to the patient.

Radboudumc participates as HCP with 4 nationally approved expert centres:

  • Radboud DSD Centre (chair Hedi Claahsen - van der Grinten)
  • Radboud Adrenal Centre (chair Henri Timmers)
  • Radboud Pituitary Centre (chair Ad Hermus)
  • Radboud Thyroid Centre (chair Romana Netea - Maier) 

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Hedi Claahsen                        Henri Timmers                         Ad Hermus                               Romana Netea 

For more information please contact the HCP representative Hedi Claahsen – van der Grinten  

Communication toolkit for ERN Members, ERN BoMS, national focal points and Commission Representations you can find here.

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