RIHS Awardees 2016


While enjoying delicious virgin cocktails, the winners of the RIHS PhD award, RIHS Science Award and RIHS Societal Impact Award were announced during the RIHS Cocktails & Awards on 21 June. The winners gave a 2 minutes elevator pitch about their product.

A photo impression can be found here.

The RIHS Societal Impact Award is awarded to a RIHS research product with a high impact on society in 2016. The product should be based on a RIHS project and can have many forms. The nominated researcher(s)/group should have played a significant part in the development of the product and this must be part of his/her RIHS work activities. Nominations were judged by a jury consisting of Dr Carla van Herpen (chair), Prof. Nicole Blijlevens and Dr Rob Baltussen.

Final ranking:

  1. PhD thesis “Decision making by relatives of eligible brain dead organ donors” of Jack de Groot
  2. 'Dutch do-not-do-list’ of Tijn Kool, Simone van Dulmen and colleagues
  3. Jichtcalculator-app of Hein Janssens
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The RIHS Science Award was awarded to the best peer-reviewed scientific publication of 2016 within RIHS, representing research that was performed at our University. Nominations were judged by a jury consisting of Dr Rob Aarnoutse (chair), Dr Jan Bussink and Dr Rosella Hermens.

Final ranking:

  1. Rik Hansen et al. Validation of Noninvasive In Vivo Compound Ultrasound Strain Imaging Using Histologic Plaque Vulnerability Features. (Pubmed link)
  2. Martijn Maessen et al. Lifelong Exercise Patterns and Cardiovascular Health. (Pubmed link)
  3. Tessel Galesloot et al. Meta-GWAS and Meta-Analysis of Exome Array Studies Do Not Reveal Genetic Determinants of Serum Hepcidin. (Pubmed link)
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The RIHS PhD Award was awarded to the best thesis of 2016 within the RIHS. Nominations were judged by a jury consisting of Dr Teun Bousema, Prof. Peter Siersema and Dr Chris Verhaak.

Final ranking:

  1. Jan Rongen: An evidence based evaluation of the treatment of meniscus tears
  2. Ingrid Sturkenboom: Occupational therapy for people with Parkinson’s disease: towards evidence-informed care
  3. Niek Hugen: Clinical and biological aspects of mucinous colorectal cancer
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The award winners will receive €750. The second and third prize winners will receive €500 and €250, respectively. The prize money should be spent on work-related matters (e.g., BBQ for the research group, course, travel grant, congress fee).

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