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While enjoying delicious virgin cocktails, the winners of the RIHS PhD award, RIHS Science Award and RIHS Societal Impact Award were announced during the RIHS Cocktails & Awards on June 21th. The winners gave a 2 minutes elevator pitch about their product.

The RIHS Societal Impact Award was awarded to a RIHS research product with a high impact on society in 2015. The product should be based on a RIHS project and could have many forms. The nominated researcher(s)/group should have played a significant part in the development of the product and this must be part of his/her RIHS work activities. Nominations were judged by a jury consisting of Prof. Jan Kremer (chair), Dr Rob Baltussen and Dr Carla van Herpen.

Final ranking:

  1. The medical imaging software product developed by Colin Jacobs and colleagues, that was brought to the market as Veolity and DynaCAD Lung
  2. The virtual asthma clinic for children’ of Lara van den Wijngaart and colleagues
  3. The program “Act in case of Depression” (‘Doen bij Depressie’) of Debby Gerritsen and colleagues
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The RIHS Science Award was awarded to the best peer-reviewed scientific publication of 2015 within RIHS, representing research that was performed at our University. Nominations were judged by a jury consisting of Dr Rob Aarnoutse (chair), Dr Jan Bussink and Dr Janneke Grutters.

Final ranking:

  1. Sanne van den Berg et al. BREATH: Web-Based Self-Management for Psychological Adjustment After Primary Breast Cancer - Results of a Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial (Pubmed link)
  2. Janneke van Kempen et al. Predictive validity of a two-step tool to map frailty in primary care (Pubmed link)
  3. Saloua El Messaoudi et al. Effect of metformin pretreatment on myocardial injury during coronary artery bypass surgery in patients without diabetes (MetCAB): a double-blind, randomised controlled trial (Pubmed link)
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The RIHS PhD Award was awarded to the best thesis of 2015 within the RIHS. Nominations were judged by a jury consisting of Prof. Elke de Jong (chair), Prof. Bram van Ginneken and Dr René Melis.

Final ranking:

  1. Angela Colbers: Exposure to antiretroviral agents in HIV-infected pregnant women: not too much – not too little
  2. Geert Litjens: Computerized detection of cancer in multi-parametric prostate MRI’
  3. Nicolien Kuper: ‘Secondary caries, mind the gap!
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The award winners will receive €750. The second and third prize winners will receive €500 and €250, respectively. The prize money should be spent on work-related matters (e.g., BBQ for the research group, course, travel grant, congress fee).

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