RIHS Junior Researcher call 2018

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In 2018 funding will be made available for 6 RIHS Junior Researcher projects. The call for these PhD grants is now open.




The criteria for application are:

  • The first applicant is a RIHS affiliated (junior)PI or a researcher within a RIHS affiliated (junior)PI group (PI predicate per January 1, 2017).
  • The work of the PhD has to be done primarily within that (j)PI group.
  • Only one project per (j)PI group can be submitted.
  • The theme leader should confirm that the project fits and strengthens the focus of the theme.
  • Applicants  (i.e. PI group) who received a project in the Junior researcher round 2017 are not eligible for this round.
  • The project should result in a PhD graduation within Radboudumc.
  • The project should be new, not previously awarded by nor currently under review by another grant agency.

Priority criteria:

Project proposals that will be given priority during assessment (in order of importance):

  1. A proposal that was evaluated externally since January 1, 2016 and received excellent reviews but was not granted (such as a VENI proposal: attach documents such as the reviews, rebuttal and decision letter).
  2. A proposal that develops new methodology for the population sciences.
  3. A proposal that creates a rather new collaboration with an international partner (the PhD should spent at least 6 months at the partner’s institute).
  4. A proposal that creates a new collaboration between the applicant and a co-applicant within the Radboudumc.

The project proposals should be submitted as a pre-proposal using the application form.

The procedure:

  • The RIHS Grant Review Committee will assess the pre-proposals on the aspects: 1. suitability of the project for a junior researcher; 2. innovative content; 3. scientific or societal relevance.
  • A maximum of 10-15 projects will be selected by the Grant Review Committee for submission of a full proposal.
  • The full proposals will be assessed by the RIHS Grant Review Committee for 1. suitability of the project for a junior researcher; 2. innovative content; 3. scientific quality; 4. preliminary results; 5. scientific or societal relevance; 6. collaboration
  • An opportunity for a concise rebuttal to the review will be provided.
  • The Grant Review Committee will come to a final advice based on the review and the rebuttal.The Committee will rank the projects according to the priority criteria mentioned above.
  • The Committee’s advice will be handed to the scientific director for final decision.

Time line:

Submission of pre-proposals (*)

10 May 2017, 15h

Decision pre-proposals to applicant

6 June 2017

Submission of full proposals (*)

14 July 2017, 11h

Pre-advice to applicant

25 August 2017

Rebuttal by applicant (*)

1 September 2017, 11h

Final decision to applicant

End of September 2017

(*) all submissions to rihs@radboudumc.nl

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